What is a Feedback Rebate?

Rebate you can redeem by leaving an honest review.

  1. Buy a Product
  2. Leave a Review
  3. Get a Refund 


Customers save money, businesses get reviews, everyone wins! It's honest, easy, and practically free!


According to the recent UC Berkeley study: 

Feedback Rebates generate Unbiased reviews and increase sales by 30%! 

 “Our main findings are first, that RFF (rebate for review) feature is chosen by higher quality sellers, implying that it can serve as a signal of quality. Second, sales of an item are about 30% higher when the seller chooses the rebate option, suggesting that buyers understand the signaling effect of the RFF feature and act on it. Third, RFF induces buyers to write more detailed feedback but does not bias the feedback toward positive feedback.”

By Lingfang (Ivy) Li, Steven Tadelis and Xiaolan Zhou Buying Reputation as a Signal of Quality: Evidence from an Online Marketplace

For more, check out this Bloomberg article about Feedback Rebates and their effects.